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T O N Y   E N O S

CEO of lil' T Entertainment LLC. & HIV Positive Pop Recording Artist


Hailed as "an example of possibility" by The Advocated Magazine," a "National treasure in the LGBTQ2S Community," by Rowan University, and "the most exciting performer to come out of Philadelphia since Patti LaBelle" by, two-time Native American Music Awards Nominee and HIV positive pop artist Tony Enos was named one of "The Native Americans Changing the World," by Ozy Media in March of 2021! Having been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC on October 16th, 2021, Tony Enos celebrates over a decade as a singer/songwriter/producer, electrifying live stage entertainer, and activist. Enos is one of the most prolific generative queer artists of his time with a well rounded 14 year catalogue, including writing and producing for other artists. Always encouraging love wherever he goes, and fighting for our youth, the Philadelphia native was voted 2017 Native Trailblazer Indie Music Awards "Artist To Watch" for his single "Two Spirit," which has become the Two-Spirit movement's anthem.

As seen on Good Morning America, Enos burst onto the music scene in 2009 with his debut album "Did It Rite," released under his own Philly based label, lil' T Entertainment LLC. Following "The Heat Tour 2012/2013", and his break through 2012 sophomore album "The Heat," the seasoned live performer has been leaving audiences across the country spellbound! 

In addition to his ongoing philanthropic efforts in the LGBTQ2S community and youth rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, environmental rights, and Domestic Violence awareness, the musician is bringing attention to Native American/First Nations/Indigenous issues such as the Two Spirit reclamation, and healing. "I truly believe where words fail, music speaks," says the South Philly native.


ON JUNE 1ST, 2022, the Vegas style entertainer released his self-written and self-produced 6th studio album, "INDESTRUCTIBLE," now available on iTunes and everywhere, world wide:



Each song on the album is a road map. Guiding the listener to a better understanding of self actualization, agency, and wholeness. Enos shows that by taking responsibly for our own health, spirituality, and awareness that we can be returned to the peace, joy, love, healing, and connectedness to all things that are inherently our’s as a part of the Universal mind. Enos shows us that beyond the stories of the world’s societies, establishments, religions, and mental conditioning, that we can be our own creation, with agency and self-empowerment, and it is divine! 

With the album’s arc being a song called “Growing Up Gay (Something I’m Not),” Enos chronicles the experience of growing up an endangered gay youth on the 1990s streets of Philadelphia. Coming out, first love, and self-esteem, are all poured over in the most cathartic ways with song’s like “Joshua,” the gut-wrenching piano ballad “Courageous,” and Enos’ show-stopping cover of the 1978 Gloria Gaynor disco classic “I Will Survive.” The songs are punctuated with intimate narrating-interludes with biblical themed titles including “Genesis,” “Leviticus,” and “Psalms.”

Repurposed, reinvented, and reinvigorated, Enos has solidified himself as something clearly not of this world, but of pure divination and Universal source. Defying any definition, box, or boundary, Enos embodies the timeless story of the Phoenix and makes it abundantly clear that he will always rise - be it to the challenge, or from the ashes. Tony Enos is spirit, and that spirit is INDESTRUCTIBLE.



"The Chosen" Single - 2024

"Bring on the Men" Single - 2024

"Imagine" Single - 2023

"Private Dancer" - Single - 2023

"Up Where We Belong" Single - 2023

"Two Spirit 2022" Single - 2022


"I Want It" (Dedicated to the 2022 Winter Olympics Athletes) Single - 2022

"Journey To 400,000" Single - 2021

"Other Like Me" Single - 2021

"U=U" Single - 2021

"Mr. Christmas" Album - 2020

"POSI+IVE" Album - 2020

"I F@!ked Your Boyfriend" single - 2020

"10" Compilation Album - 2019

"Urban NDNS (New York City)" single - 2019

"Turn Me Up" single - 2019

"For Christmas" maxi-single - 2018

"Bones" single - 2018

"No Place Like Home" album - 2018

"I Cry" single - 2018

"Deforestation" single - 2018

"I Really Do Believe In Santa Claus" holiday single - 2017

"Gone" single - 2017

"Water Is Life" single - 2016

"Two Spirit" single - 2015

"Never Better" single - 2015

"Travail (Werq)" Feat. Him Lee single - 2014

"Have A Good Time" Feat. Insane P. single - 2013

"Twisted: The Remix Album" - 2013

"Maneater" (feat. Scandocious J.R.) Single - 2013

"THE HEAT" album - 2012

"Hot Knife Through Butter" single - 2012

"On This Christmas Day" holiday single - 2011

"BUST IT" single - 2011

"DID IT RITE" album - 2009

"I Am Missing You" single - 2010 (Dedicated to the GLBTQ suicide victims)

"Good Love (Grilled Ham & Cheese)" single - 2008

"Work It Out" single - 2008


"Ajijaak On Turtle Island" | National Tour - 2022 (Dates To Be Announced)

"Ajijaak On Turtle Island" | Broadway - 2019

"Ajijaak On Turtle Island" | National Tour - 2019

"There Is A Field" | Off Broadway, New York City - 2018

"Ajijaack On Turtle Island" | Tour - 2018

"Crane: On Earth, In Sky" | National Tour - 2017

"Firebird Tattoo" | Off Broadway, New York City - 2016

"Crane: On Earth, In Sky" | Off Broadway, La MaMa Theatre NYC - 2016

"Trail Of Tears" | Off Off Broadway, The Nuyorican NYC - 2015

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